Food Industry Hub Management Systems User Guide

Making it easy for you to get the most out of the systems.

Easy and user friendly.

We believe excellent systems are easy to use, and benefit the user as well as the organisation.

If systems are hard to use, clunky, or don’t give the user a better experience than doing things other ways, you’d never get the engagement integrated management systems need to be really effective.

With all of that in mind, we’ve gone out of our way to make sure the user experience is excellent, and that the systems are intuitive to use without training or previous experience required.

This user guide is presented as a reference – just in case there’s anything you’d like a bit of explanation on. For some people, it’s just reassuring to see that the systems can be easily introduced across a workforce without having to overcome a training hurdle.

Getting Started – Register for Free
The Departments and Teams Module User Guide
The Controlled Documents Module User Guide
The quality manual module user guide
The Incidents Management Module User Guide
The Project Manager Module User Guide
The Company Profile Module User Guide
The Commercial Partners Module User Guide
Please note that both the software and the user guide are under continual development – so the contents of the user guide will not represent the full capabilities of the integrated systems.

To create the user guide, we set up a demonstration account and screenshot actions carried out using the management systems. If you follow the user guide, the progression you see throughout the documentation would reflect the experience of registering a new account and interacting with the functions without historical data – so just the same as a new account. If you’re considering registering for a free trial, this is a really great way to understand what to expect.

If you haven’t yet used Food Industry Hub Management Systems, there’s really nothing better than exploring the software for yourself.