About Us

We Build Tools for food manufacturers

We draw from years of experience in the food industry, which means we can offer solutions perfectly matched to your operational needs.

Have you noticed how almost all food manufacturers seem to have the same challenges?

It’s really no surprise. Scale of operation and complexity of products might vary from one factory to another – but the underlying processes, objectives, and regulatory impositions are shared throughout the industry.

First-hand experience gives us real insight into the challenges you face, and the outcomes you’re trying to achieve.

There are plenty of service providers offering ‘compliance solutions’, as if you carry out your operations and then generate compliance records. We believe excellent systems should enable you to carry out your operations, with compliance being a natural outcome – not a secondary process.

We’re here because we understand about food manufacturing.

What makes us different?

Disproportionate value

This isn’t just a reflection of our price point. Explore any aspect of the service and you’ll see that no matter what you do, you always get out far more than you put in.

Comprehensive service

We don’t split the software into modules because you get a synergistic benefit from having your various systems linked together. You get better systematic capability across your entire organisation.

We don’t look at each capability of the software as an opportunity to upsell another module – every distinct function represents an opportunity for us to deliver extra value for members, and is integrated directly with the holistic system.


Everything is easy and intuitive. The systems we provide are so user friendly, there’s really no training required.

The way the systems function benefits users directly. It’s easier and more effective for people to get tasks done on using our systems than any of the other options – both offline and in comparison to competitor’s offerings.


Every time you engage with our systems, you’ll get an actual functional advantage. This isn’t just a way of storing your data on the cloud – everything has been designed to deliver substantial outcomes for your benefit.

Serving the user, not just the commercial customer

We believe businesses who use our systems should benefit in really substantial ways through better capabilities and outcomes. We also believe the individuals who use the systems should directly feel that advantage through an excellent user experience and efficient delivery on objectives they’re trying to achieve. Everyone who uses the service should love it because their job is made easier, and they can be more effective in their roles.

Transparent on price

Almost all food safety and quality software providers keep their prices secret until you’ve contacted their sales team.

We won’t shock you with a sky-high quote because we believe it’s better to be transparent from the beginning.

We’ve also been very deliberate in setting our prices at a level accessible to all food manufactures – not just the major corporations with the biggest budgets.

No barriers

There’s no setup or onboarding required. Right from the first time you log on, the systems are preconfigured to deliver instant functionality. Just add your users, and you’re good to go.

Not only that, but the price has been intentionally positioned so that no food manufacturer is excluded based on financial accessibility.

Serving the food industry, not just our customers

Of course we want to deliver an excellent service with our commercial software. We also want to use our expertise and resources to really benefit everyone in the food industry. That’s why we offer free resources like the signposting service and blog.

We’re committed to serving the entire food industry, so we’ll always pursue every opportunity to deliver more to everyone in this space.


We understand that ever-changing compliance requirements have become an increasingly demanding burden on food manufacturers. Our mission is to make the food system safer and more efficient by offering sophisticated food safety software for quality and compliance, accessible to every food manufacturer.

Putting you in the driver’s seat

We don’t believe you should have to fight your way past an aggressive salesperson to find out what our service can do for you.
No-one’s going to hurry you through an approval decision.

You can self-register into a free trial and explore at whatever pace works for you.
We’re right here if you need support or have any questions – but we’re not about to try to upsell or push you into anything.

Start your free trial today

It’s really easy to get started. You can go at your own pace and get comfortable with the software, and you don’t need to enter any payment information to start your trial.