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Food Industry Hub Management Systems Software

Software for food manufacturers

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Excellent quality processes take advantage of automations – so you can get to the outcomes you need quicker and more reliably, with compliance falling into place as a seamless result.

Integrated systems allow you to interact directly with your quality management system – bringing visibility and control to cross-functional activities.

Cloud delivery makes it possible for you to access and control everything – whether you’re at your desk, on the factory floor, or on the train coming back from a supplier’s factory.

Unrestricted access to all features and capabilities

What You Get

User Experience

The interface is individualised for each user, with notifications, schedules, and access privileges tailored in each case. The software is easy, intuitive, and convenient to use – leading to an unrivalled user experience.

Incidents Management

Manage every unplanned occurrence throughout your operations. Identify an unlimited number of contributing factors for each non-conformance, with corrective and preventative action plans integrated into the project manager module.

Controlled Documents

Administrate every controlled document for your quality management system. Implement change control between document revisions, with feedback and input from specific users. Maintain a comprehensive version history for each of your controlled documents.

Quality Manual

Your quality manual is automatically populated with the active version of each of your controlled documents; categorised as policies, procedures, work instructions, signs/displays, reference documents, risk assessments, briefing/training documents, and record sheets.

Project Manager

Manage all activities, from single-step actions through complex projects – with responsibilities distributed across specific individuals or departments/teams.

Supply Chain

Create records for all aspects of your supply chain, including raw materials, services, outsourced processes, equipment, and products.

Commercial Partners

Document commercial partnerships between your site and each of its customers and suppliers. Upload assurance evidence, record contact information, and manage trade relationships for all features of your supply chain.

Raw Material Risk Assessment

Comprehensively risk-assess every raw material you purchase from each of your suppliers. Raw material risk assessments are version controlled, and fully satisfy the requirements of the BRC Food standard.

Food Industry Hub Management Systems

Bringing the power and capability of digital systems to every food manufacturer.

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Every registration starts with a free trial.

So you can be completely satisfied that the systems are a fit for your needs with zero risk or commitment.

Almost every alternative software provider splits their service into modules, and charges incrementally more based on the number of user licences. Even more frustratingly, you can’t even find out their prices without going through their sales department. We have been intentionally transparent – because we believe it’s what’s best for the customer.

While alternative providers have chosen not to publish their prices publicly, we are aware of competing services banded at 5X-20X the rates we offer. We have deliberately structured our operating model to make management software accessible to all food manufacturers, because effective systems deliver the greatest benefit when more people are empowered to engage with them.

Being able to self-register into a free trial with no commitment means that you can be absolutely satisfied that the systems will add value to your business – and you don’t even need to enter your payment details to get started.

All systems and functions are included in one centralised management system for your site. Connect everyone in your business with your quality management system, so your people and operations are directly aligned with your assurance and managerial processes.

Controlled document management

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In a matter of seconds, you can have access to the full range of systems and capabilities offered on the platform.