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In a matter of seconds, you can have access to the full range of systems and capabilities offered on the platform.​

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One account is all you need for your site. You can create as many users as your business needs, and you get access to all functions.

If you have more than one site, each site will need its own account.

You don’t need to choose whether monthly or annual payment would be best for your business at this stage.

Every registration starts with a free trial – so you can be completely satisfied that the systems are a fit for your needs with zero risk or commitment.

Visibility and Control

Other software providers split their services into modules – charging incrementally more for each function.

We believe effective management depends on real-time visibility of information generated throughout your business. That means every department, project, incident investigation and corrective action plan – and a huge range of other activities – need to be interconnected.

Our software is designed to transform managerial capability by connecting all your users with your site’s integrated quality systems.

There are no hidden costs. We offer unlimited access to all systems and functions, because anything else would be missing the point.

Every Membership Includes

All Functions

We don’t split the service into modules, so you get access to everything.

Unlimited Users

Every person at your site will have a direct interface with your integrated quality systems, and you don’t need to worry about running out of licences.

Immediate Use

From the point when you first register, all the functions will be set up for you to use straight away.

Just create user profiles for your colleagues, and you can make use of all of the systems without any lengthy onboarding process.

Updates & Fixes

When new features are rolled out, they’ll be added to your account. No upsell.

We’ve got very ambitious plans for developing the systems, and every member company will benefit.

User Experience

Accessibility and easy of use have been fundamental to the design process. People engage with systems that make their work easier and more convenient, so we’ve invested heavily in making sure the user experience is excellent.

User Roles

You can set access permissions for each user to control what they can see and edit.

There are features that give different user levels different capabilities – for example, only department managers and individually selected users can add new team members into a department/team.

Wherever there’s a managerial benefit, you can be very granular in the way each user is allowed to interact with the systems.

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In a matter of seconds, you can have access to the full range of systems and capabilities offered on the platform.