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One account is all you need for your site. You can create as many users as your business needs, and you get access to all functions.

If you have more than one site, each site will need its own account.

You don’t need to choose whether monthly or annual payment would be best for your business at this stage.

Every registration starts with a free trial – so you can be completely satisfied that the systems are a fit for your needs with zero risk or commitment.

Software Pricing

One thing that sets Food Industry Hub apart from other software providers is that we are completely transparent on pricing.

Almost every other software provider on the market is secretive about the price of the service, meaning you’re forced to go through their sales team just to find out basic information. This can be very frustrating – especially if you’re trying to compare different services and constantly being bombarded with upsell tactics.

The fact that other software service providers choose not to publish their prices makes it difficult to make direct comparisons… but anecdotally, we are aware of competing service providers charging 5X-20X the prices offered by Food Industry Hub. This is easily verifiable if you engage with a selection of vendors and enquire about installation/setup fees alongside the prices they charge per module, per year.

Factors That Influence Pricing

As a broad generalisation, there are two really significant influencers that act on the price you pay for commercial software:

○ Overheads in the form of the sales team.
○ Variable costs based on the number of records taken-up in the database.

Of course, there’s a lot more complexity and nuance in the underlying model – but these are the key factors that determine a sustainable price point.

For any service provider operating through an outbound sales process, the price of commercial software is hugely inflated by the act of selling it to the customer. This is quite intuitive when you consider the salary and commission structure that salespeople enjoy.

To draw an analogy, the price a consumer pays for a can of drink is largely a reflection of the cost of the cost of the can – and has relatively little to do with the actual product.

This is why we have chosen to enable self-registration with a free trial. Major brands operating across different verticals such as Microsoft and HubSpot have demonstrated successfully that user-driven onboarding allows for an excellent service to be delivered at reasonable and accessible prices.

When food manufacturers invest in management software, we believe the price should support the systems and capabilities – not the sales process.

Transparency Builds Trust

If you approach other software service providers and they draw up a custom quote, how can you be sure that you’re being charged a fair and equitable price compared to other customers?

At the end of a disorienting negotiation – with price increments applied with the addition of each module or user licence – does the salesperson apply special discounts to make you feel like you got a good deal… even though the contract still takes an unreasonable proportion of your annual budget?

We believe the best relationships start with openness and transparency. You can be completely satisfied that the Food Industry Hub Management Systems deliver on your needs with a free trial at no commitment. There’s no upsell or false scarcity tactics.

See For Yourself

There’s no need to enter payment details to start your free trial. Simply register your food business, and you can explore the systems at your own pace.

Once your site is registered, you’ll be able to add as many users as your company needs.

In a matter of seconds, you can have access to the full range of systems and capabilities offered on the platform.