Onboarding and Training

Easy and intuitive.

A Smooth and Easy Experience

Excellent systems aren’t only functional in terms of their outputs.

We’ve invested heavily into ease of use – delivering a really positive user experience and intuitive interface.

Effective Systems

Systems can only be truly effective when they are embraced throughout the organisation and fully implemented.

A system designed to be perfectly optimised for compliance and outcomes would be useless if the people tasked with using it found it to be clunky or non-intuitive.

With this in mind, we’ve been deliberate in presenting a user interface that makes it clear and obvious how to interact with the software – and how to achieve the outcomes needed from each function.

Benefiting the User and the Organisation

Other software providers generally market their offerings as ‘compliance solutions’. They have one customer – the commercial food manufacturing business that purchases the software. Once the contract is signed, it falls to the food manufacturer to impose the use of the software on its employees.

By contrast, we understand that our commercial relationship is with the food manufacturing business – but the commitment to our customers extends to every individual who uses the systems.

By making it quicker, easier, and more convenient for individuals to carry out their roles, we can promote engagement and amplify the value delivered to our commercial customers.

Effortless Onboarding

You can self-register into a free trial at any time. This puts you in control of your own onboarding.

We’ve provided this guide to registration and getting started, which illustrates exactly what you can expect when you begin your free trial.

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of each of the software functions by accessing the user guide for the systems.

You are free to go at your own pace – making use of the different features and capabilities at whatever rate works best for your business.

See For Yourself

There’s no need to enter payment details to start your free trial. Simply register your food business, and you can explore the systems at your own pace.

Once your site is registered, you’ll be able to add as many users as your company needs.

In a matter of seconds, you can have access to the full range of systems and capabilities offered on the platform.